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The nasoni of Rome

If while walking around our city you get thirsty, feel free to drink water from the Nasoni! These particular fountains that are spread all over Rome bring drinkable water to everyone.

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Does it rain in the pantheon?

The worldwide famous monument known as the Pantheon has a particular aspect to it. It has a big hole in the middle of its dome. With the rainy season the question comes up: does in rain in the Pantheon? It partly does!

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The Sampietrini

When you are in Rome, don’t look just the art in front or over of you. Look also down. You will meet the Sanpietrini, some small stone blocks, made from an extrusive rock typical of the volcanic areas around Rome. They decorate the beautiful streets of Rome. Their name derives from the fact they were […]

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The bells of Rome

It’s not generally known that Rome is the city in the world with the largest number of bells! In Italy the bell tolls mark the times of the day, especially during festivities, not causing bother to the common people of course: a religious arrangement says the bells can’t play before 7 am. St.Peter’s Basilica has […]

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